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“If I don’t know the ropes, I rather leave everything as it is – at least this way I can’t do anything wrong.” If you had this attitude, you probably would not check our website right now. We are happy that you are having a first look at our offers. We would also be glad if found one or two of our tips helpful and maybe already learned a little bit about the ABCs of financial health. If you are looking for an expert on a particular topic in regards to finances or insurance or if you need someone you want to talk to about serious life and career decisions, do not hesitate to contact us! Not doing anything at all or staying indecisive for too long often doesn’t get you anywhere. Make an appointment and find out about your own state of financial health, find out about your potentials and much more.

You just started or soon will start your first job? Go ahead and get a first overview! We summarized everything you need to know now on an extra page.

Job Starters

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    Work, Life & keeping Balance

    Easier said than done. Might even end in a burnout. That’s something you get insurances for, did you know? We certainly do have those products in our portfolio. But: we want to make sure that it doesn’t even come to this. We want you to take the right precautions. We want you to keep or reestablish your health and well-being by following the principle “going towards” instead of “away from”. We want you to be self-confident, to be the leader of your own life and your job, we want you to dream big and to be able to follow your ambitions. Sometimes it is not the work per se that’s getting your life out of balance, but rather the feeling of being incapable to make your own moves, not being in a condition to face the pressure from your environment. We can help you to ask the right questions and provide the necessary partners.

  • Ein junges Paar im Anschnitt, das von einer anderen Person einen Schlüssel überreicht bekommt

    Your “own” 4 Walls

    Rents are rising. But that’s something that has happened in the past and will continue to happen in the future. And because compared to the rents interest rates are rising only very slowly, it would be best to buy an apartment or a house right away, wouldn’t it? That’s what a lot of people think and do at the moment. But is this also the right decision for YOU? Do you know “how much house” you can afford and what makes sense and what doesn’t? Do you want to move in yourself? Do you want to buy property as an investment? What do you need to know, what’s important? How do you calculate realistically? Credit rating, rental yield – what is this all about?What else has to be taken into account? And last but not least: Do you actually know what you want?

  • Bild mit Händen voll mit Geld, die man zahlen muss, wenn die Eltern Pflegefall werden

    Paying alimony for my parents, me?

    Are your parents wealthy? That’s great! Do you know exactly what assets and how much it’s all worth? What if one of your parents all of a sudden gets care-needy? Do you know how many years your parents can afford to be taken care of in a nursing home, if the costs are an average of €4.000 a month? Can you afford to pay this amount once your parents money is used up? Because this is what the state agreed on. A sensitive and complex topic, that no one really wants to address. As financial experts, but also as children of our own parents we have our own thoughts on this, we asked questions and did research on solutions.  We hope our sample calculation will create some clarity.

  • Ein Dokument auf dem ein Füller liegt

    Writing a will at 40, really ?

    You feel young, dynamic, you are married, you have small children. Life is good overall. So is your career. Why should you be thinking about writing a will at this point of time? Honestly, isn’t that way too early? If you think this way, this might be a big mistake. Because what happens if one of the spouses is gone all of a sudden? Then the other one is probably left behind with a big mess.  If things are not taken care of beforehand, if there is no official will, then it might even be that the bereaved partner may be incapable of action due to legal or inheritance issues. When talking to our clients about Financial Health this sensitive topic is something we will address as well. We show you what’s crucial and how to avoid common mistakes.

Pension Planningwhat for?

We all want to live a long life. Ideally staying in good health and prosperity until the very end. Statistically this should work out. At least in regards to a long life. In terms of good health and wealth, well … there are some big question marks. Especially the latter is in your own hands, can be planned ahead of time and put into realization. Because what if your savings are not enough, because at the end of life there’s still some long way to go? You think this topic is still “too far away?”, you do not earn enough money yet to start your private pension plan? You think you earn enough and and due to the fair amount you paid into the state pension plan you will never be at risk to having to live of Hartz IV? Unfortunately we have to disappoint you. Don’t push this topic off no more! Take care of it now.

New pensioners get an average of 873€ monthly pension

In 2017 a total of 758.819 Germans retired due to their age. On average, new pensioners received 873,12 Euro pension money in the last year. If you want to learn more about the facts and get the numbers in detail, then go to the following article. You will not be able to live off that? You would need at least approximately an additional 1.000 Euro of monthly income to maintain your standard of living? Then, as someone who is today in his early 30s, you should save up at least 240.000 Euro until the day of your retirement. How to do that? We’ll show you how. There’s some tools out there. Get our advice on the following calculation: initial capital + time + income + monthly deposit = future pension.

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Credits Video: #Plusminus #ARD

The German Retirement and Pension system

That the money provided by the German retirement and pension system will not be sufficient, is a well known fact. But how do you interpret the pension notice correctly? What is really tangible and what can one expect? The information from the video is from 2014 and unfortunately things have not turned for the better.  It’s up to you now to improve your financial situation in the future.



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    • Analysis and optimization of monthly expenses
    • Targeted asset accumulation & investment concepts
    • Securing your wealth and your assets
    • Private pension planning
    • Questions about financing real estate
    • State fundings and subsidies
    • Tax and social security savings




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    • Health insurance plans
    • Disability insurances
    • Accident insurance and occupational disability insurance
    • Physiotherapy and health prevention classes (partner offers)
    • Nutrition and fitness coaching (partner offers)