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What’s your credit ranking?

Geöffnete Hände mit Euro-Geldscheinen darin

Whether employee or self-employed, the figures have to  be right.

  • If you want to buy or build your own property, a good credit ranking is key.
  • The less equity capital you have or want to use, the more important is your personal credit ranking.
  • You are married, have kids, but nevertheless you don’t spend a lot? The per-capita costs that banks charge can be higher than your actual spendings. This per capita calculation can vary from bank to bank. The right preparation helps.
  • You want to increase your monthly income without getting a raise before submitting a mortale application? We show you how to use tax credits correctly.

Staying in balance

Steine am Strand, die aufeinander gestapelt sind und einen Turm ergeben.

Your Financial health is always a top priority.

  • Only if you are protected against the greatest risks, you will be able to enjoy your own house or apartment. What happens if you get unemployed or you are challenged by an unexpected situation? Let’s have a look at worst case scenarios and be prepared.
  • Certain people and families can profit from state subsidies and funding options. For instance you might profit from the German “Baukindergeld” (a state subsidy for families with children) or might be able to use some of your “Riester”-savings for financing. Do you know your rights and your obligations?
  • Get our support. Let us ask you critical questions and making use of the method “How much house am I able to afford?” We definitely do not scare you away from your project. Our experience shows that sometimes a second opinion can take away the (emotional) pressure and can help you see things more clearly.
  • Profit from our exclusive real estate checklists.
  • Talk to our real estate experts.
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  • Capital Investment

Capital Investment

Ein Schachbrett mit Spielfiguren drauf, eine Hand greift den König, um einen entscheidenden Zug zu machen

The right strategy makes all the difference.

  • Quick decisions in real estate are today’s gold. Finalising a purchase or showing real interest before anyone else does. We will share our insights with you how to sort out the sheep from the goats when scanning current real estate offers. We also tell you how high the rental yield should be for your individual situation.
  • Try to keep your emotions low. Purchasing property can be quite emotional – especially if you are under buying pressure. Nevertheless, always get all the necessary information! You can only afford to have knowledge gaps if you have enough financial resources to make you prepared for any contingencies like any bigger unforeseen renovation project. Yet, which information is important? And at what time? Once you know the facts, it should be easy to make the right decision.
  • Offers from real estate agents are not at all a bad choice. In terms of information and security, the additional costs can pay off. Just decide for yourself. If you are looking for trustworthy, caring real estate agent who knows the ins and outs of the market, please ask us for recommendations.
  • Keep it light and fun!
    Proceed in targeted steps and follow the exclusion principle.

Step 2: Always ask the same questions

If you follow the same pattern in asking questions, you will soon become more self-confident. After little time you will be able to compare existing offers like a pro. For instance make sure to always ask the seller or the real estate agent the following questions:

  • How much is the rent and did the tenants always pay in time?
  • When did the rent get raised last?
  • How long has the tenant been renting the apartement?
  • Are there plans for any renovation or construction projects in the house?
  • Does the apartment need to be renovated?

Do you like the answers you got? Then please precede to step 3.

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Step 4: Sort out and make a decision

If a property makes it to the final round, it’s about time to have a detailed look at financing. Please consider the following two scenarios, when making your calculations:
Immediate costs: What needs to be taken into account? For instance renovation measures that have already been approved of or defects that the tenant has already complained about and which need to be fixed.
Costs when changing tenants: Make your calculations for the day on which your first tenant will move out. For example, plan the renovation of the kitchen. If your new property is empty at the moment, plan for the time when the apartment should be modernized.

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Hand zeichnet Immobilieskizze, Bauplan

Property is not a supermarket product

Anyone who is interested in buying a house or apartment – whether as an investment or as property – should be well prepared. Currently the market is overvalued, offers are often not easy to evaluate and the demand is at an all-time high. Yet if one says: “Everything is too expensive, it’s not worth buying at the moment”, we will disagree. Even if the market is tight at the moment, there are still very positive examples. If one makes a decision there’s always multiple criteria to look at. Don’t let anyone rush you into buying – instead: take your time and please consider asking an expert for advice.

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