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Are you one of those lucky landowners? If so, you may have some tasks to complete!
The following is a summary of the law and your potential responsibilities. 

A property tax return is required for anyone with ownership rights, part-ownership rights, or heritable building rights to a plot of land. For the first main assessment, this is called the cut-off date. Therefore, anyone who owns a property before or after 01.01.2022 must file a property tax return.

If there are several owners in total, only one owner must submit the property tax return. However, all owners must be included.

What constitutes real property?
There is no distinction made here between developed and undeveloped land. The obligation applies to ALL plots of land.

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    What are the deadlines for the property tax return?

    It is important to be well prepared here, because the deadline for submitting the property tax return starts on 01.07.2022 and already ends on 31.10.2022.

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    What should you know about the “Grundsteuer”?

    No distinction is made here between a developed or undeveloped plot of land. The obligation applies to all plots of land.

    This includes exactly these:

    • farms for agriculture and forestry
    • Land for agriculture and forestry
    • residential and partial property
    • Buildings on land owned by others
    • Heritable building rights
    • Residential and part-ownership heritable building rights
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    What data do I need to have?

    The challenges for you is that when you file your property tax return, you need some data that you may not have readily available.

    How important data are these

    • Type of land
    • Living area
    • Useful area
    • Ownership structure
    • District
    • Standard land value
    • Land parcel
    • Previous unit value file number

    Most of the data can be found in the notary’s documents, in the land register excerpt, cadastral excerpt or the old land tax assessment. There you will also find the tax number.


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It’s that easy

The easiest way is to have a data analysis done and to process all relevant data. Otherwise, there is a high risk that you will need a lot of time and that the assessment notices will be incorrect in the end. You need support here?

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