• Achieving your goals in an efficient way and thus getting the most out of what you already have. – That’s my approach and my motto to almost everything in life. I can provide you with the right tools to make you reach your goals. My clients benefit from my financial expertise and the skills I aquired in different business areas.

SArah Blömer About Money & Goals

I’m 25 and already overwhelmed by all the financial and “life issues”, what’s your opinion on that?

When working with young people or start-ups today, I hear this quite often. Yet I don’t think one needs to be overwhelmed, one just needs to be well informed. Many people ignore their financial issues because they somehow feel insecure about this topic or simply because they think it’s not of any interest to them. As a consequence, they put these topics off for way too long. By the way, this fear of financial issues is completely independent of age. As I said before: in most cases it’s just the basic information that’s missing – as well as the right approach. I think learning about financial topics should be fun. And the first step to make it fun is to find out, what goals one has. And of course what kind of relationship one has to money.

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  • “Without a goal, no one will consciously begin to change his current situation. This is why we start with the goals of our customers.”

You do not only help others today to become self-employed, since 2010 your are also a financial advisor. What do love about this the most?

First of all, that for me working as a financial advisor is not a mere “job”. I do what has always been meaningful to me, my “PFE – Purpose of Existence” if you will (a term that stems from the wonderful book “The big five for life” by John Strelecky), namely to pass my knowledge to people in a way that they will directly profit from it. What could be more fulfilling than helping people build a life they want to live, a life that matches their dreams and aspirations? As long as I was employed myself, this was not something I could achieve.

Luckily my mentor Jochen Schuler encouraged me to make this step into becoming self-employed at an early stage. He told me: “Sarah, empathy, kindness and honesty one cannot learn, know-how on the other hand one can”. So I put all my energy into becoming a financial advisor, I went to night school and did trainings at the Deutsche Vermögensberatung. This time was not stress-free, this one is for sure, but if you really want something, things become easy.

The investment counseling was not just an education that I completed, it has deepened what I could do best, namely choosing the right tools to use money in the most efficient way. Something that had already worked for myself. For instance when I came back from two years abroad without regular income and had more money on my bank account than before. For some this might seem like a magic trick, but actually it is based on my very conservative Swabian education and my healthy way of dealing with money. Tips on how I do that, I have already passed on to others at a very early stage and without thinking of making it a profession. Through the training I have thoroughly examined financial issues and I am proud to say that today I understand my craft.

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  • “We do not develop concepts FOR, but together WITH our customers.”

How can you offer so many different services?

My partners and I have our individual backgrounds and experiences and characteristics which contribute to our consultation – my focus is as a strategist and managing director of an agency. As a business woman I know all the ups and downs of building a company. Hence I do not only have specialist know-how, but can give advise on an equal basis from the practical experience I acquired. Based on my former business contacts and my passion for working in a creative field (something I never want to miss), I started the agency ELSA&Co (ELSA GmbH) in 2014.

For me as financial consultation, however, there is much more than bringing together competences, it is about our heartfelt passion. And because of this involvement, i am really keen on taking care of this passion. Because if you love your job, you will always strive for improvement, sometimes 24 hours a day. And where we lack skills or do not have enough time, we work together with trustful professional partners. Over the years we have built up a competent network we can rely on, cooperations and good partners like a tax advisor who’s specialized in professional athletes, or parental benefits consultants or start-up coaches. All these experiences, networks and partnerships are the reason why our service areas are so extensive.

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  • “Sarah combines a financial expertise with an analytic nature to listen to what your goals are. She showed me what my needs were, and how to achieve them – but she also was happy to work through the steps and explain why some methods work and others are less effective. She helped me build a long-term path to realistically reach my financial goals. As a years-long client of hers, I can attest to her reliability and professionalism. Additionally as someone with a more complicated financial situation (American living and working in Germany), I also appreciate her understanding and flexibility.” — Jennifer Emenegger, Digital Data Strategy Expert, Darmstadt (verified here)

  • “The work of Mrs. Blömer is very professional. She knows what she is talking about. She always has an open ear, even for topics that haven been discussed in the past. She takes a lot of time to explain things and always finds a solution – sometimes making the impossible possible.” — Tobias Schimpf, Neustetten (verified here)
  • “Sarah is a great financial consultant. She takes her time to understand the holistic picture and financial goals we have as a family and from that build a great plan to execute against over the coming years. All recommendations were well thought through and sound to our goal. Beyond that Sarah really cares about the end result and goes the extra mile every time. Highly recommended!” — Dennis Morgenstern, Industrie Leader Automotiv at Google, München (verified here)

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