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Your Idea

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To become real, ideas need substance

  • We accompany you: from the first idea to detailed calculations.
  • As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know about the ups and downs in business. Make use of our experience from your very first steps of starting yours.
  • You do not longer see the wood from the trees? Then we are here to ask the right questions to get you back on track.
  • We check your business plan and will give valuable advice.
  • Benefit from the partnerships and contacts from our network.

Your Finances

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Make your financial health a priority 

  • Only if your private finances are set on a healthy base, you can fully concentrate on your “baby”, i.e. your own company.
  • We help you find the right insurance and strategy to be save in case things to not work out as planned.
  • We will help you find suitable subsidies, the best fundings and financial plans.
  • In addition, benefit from our expertise and our cooperations in the field of coaching, health, taxes and insurance.

Your start-up

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As an entrepreneur you need special strategies for career- and company development right from the start

  • We are interested in long-term partnerships and therefore do not see the purpose of our work in creating business plans that are merely intended in meeting official requirements, but ones that will actually help you achieve your business goals.
  • You are sick of “shared desks and co-working spaces” and dream of an office of your own? Then you need to make concrete plans.
  • Depending on whether you offer a pure service or products, as an entrepreneur you have to deal with specific liability issues. Our lawyer in the team will supply advice.
  • What do you need to consider once you have employees? What do you put in a contract? What are your rights, your duties?
  • We think ahead. Are you prepared for lean periods, setbacks and other adversities?
  • We offer more. As our client, we’ll give you exclusive access to special offers and other benefits from our partner network.
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our offerFor Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur has run across the following situation: days pass by just like that, sometimes they are filled with everyday chores, sometimes they are filled with excitement, sometimes they are merely stressful. But overall, leading your own company is something rewarding. The business is generelly solid and good, it’s easy to pay your bills and your employees. Nevertheless, there are always things on your to-do list, things that you always think you will tackle once you got some spare time, things which are at the end of the list, but should actually be listed on top. Unfortunately, you only become aware of this, at the very moment one of your best employees quits. But how to not fall into this trap? Don’t put off your to-dos simply because they seem dull, unnecessary or because you don’t have enough time, staff or experience. We’ll help you tackle these issues. We’ll set you up with the right strategy and show you how this can be done without much effort.

Ways and means for employee retention and promotion

  • Strategy and implementation of company pension schemes with individual consultation of your employees and human resources departement.
  • Cost-effective solutions to provide employees with disability insurance and/or additional health care plans.
  • Optimizing processes in regards to newly introduced additional offers for employees.
  • Consultation and solutions for company health insurance.

Give your employees time, without them working less

Everyone should do his taxes. Only few people want to pay for this chore though and try to do their tax return by themselves. An often frustrating and sobering task:

  • The employee has to invest his/her free time for this no-fun to-do.
  • Since the employee is often lacking know-how, the tax refund turns out to be very little and unlikely to be repeated.

Introduce a system with our partners that will allow your employees to profit from a taxpayer collective. Contact us for further information!

Concepts For Employees


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Mutual cooperation is the key to success

Our range of services is very broad and our clients benefit from our network, be it through our own services and expertise, the FINGES LIGA or the partner network of the FINGES Lounge.

For us FINGES is an association and accumulation of knowledge and exchange, where one entrepreneur profits from the other, where existing networks get mutually expanded. An approach, that will help you to better meet the demands of your employees and hence help your business to be more successful.

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