Soccer is fun, soccer unites. Since 1997, the intercultural Street Soccer League gives young people with diverse backgrounds – be it cultural, ethnical or social – the opportunity to experience fairness and inclusion. All year around. On and off the soccer field. Mutual tolerance and fairness are the basis for all peaceful interactions. The kids and adolescents are the “makers” of the league. They participate as soccer players, as league councils, as buntkicker-journalists, as referees or street soccer workers. Active participation, integration and identification are the basic pillars of this project. The ambitions of the organization goes back to the 90ies when refugee work was urgently needed in Munich due to new waves of immigration and thousands of war refugees arriving from former Yugoslavia. It was then that Rüdiger Heid and his comrade-in-arms started the project. Today buntkicktgut is open to everyone and from time to time even turns into a talent scouting location.

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… and action!

  • Gruppenbild von Buntkicktgut mit großem buntkicktgut-Banner mit Michael Gurski
  • drei Jungs die im Olympiastadion Fussball spielen
  • Foto vom Spiel der buntkicktgut-mannschaft aus Perspektive des Torwarts
  • 2 Deutsche und 2 afrikanische Jungs, die Fussball lieben, schauen strahlend in die Kamera

Quelle Video: Video: Rico Güttlich, mü |

Buntkicktgut on TV

A short footage on buntkicktgut as shown on mü But their work is not limited to projects in Munich. There are already various buntkicktgut projects in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Hamburg, Ludwigshafen am Rhein, in Niederbayern, Oberschwaben, Zürich und Basel. All over Germany there are about 4.500 kids and adolescent members. People from all over the world – connected and united by their passion for soccer.
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