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If you want to be successful as a coach, you need the right strategy and a top team on the field. You need a foundation that provides security, confidence and continuity. It’s these qualities that a professional athlete/soccer player also expects when he confide’s in an expert’s financial and investment advice. What is important here is a perfectly elaborated concept that balances investments and hedging and considers that the special challenges of a professional athlete often require special measures. As a former professional soccer player himself, Michael Gurski and the FINGES GmbH are your perfect choice. He knows what problems and interconnections in the financial and insurance world can arise for a professional athlete. He knows the opportunities as well as the challenges. His experience from both worlds helps you find the optimal solution.

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Nahaufnahme auf die Figuren eines Tischkickers

at  JeopardyPermanent Total Disability

As a professional athlete, your job and your health cannot be measured by normal standards.

Even a minor injury can mean a complete career break for you. What sounds harmless, namely to be “unable to practice sports”, has serious and far-reaching consequences for you: Your regular income –  and thus your standard of living – is at stake here.

We talked to former soccer pro Patrick Kirsch (i.a. Preußen Münster, SV Sandhausen, Wacker Burghausen, Wehen Wiesbaden) whose life took an unexpected turn overnight due to what seemed at first glance a minor sports injury. We wanted to know what he is doing now and what he thinks as someone who has been affected by a permanent total disability himself. We wanted to know how well he was financially prepared  for this long time injury and his subsequent invalidity and what he would maybe do differently now. His answers you’ll find in the following interview which he allowed FINGES to show on this website.

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What happened?

A press hit against the ball with an opponent during my time at Preußen Münster was the trigger for an irreversible knee injury. An unspectacular accident during a training unit.

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Were you prepared for a situation like this? Were you properly secured?

Thank god I had a private health insurance (DKV). They really did not let me down. Thanks to the right daily sickness allowance, the financial gap which occurs as a natural consequence to such an injury could be filled immediately. For the time being I was financially save. It’s crazy how all of a sudden something like a minor accident can turn your life around from one second to the other. It’s so important to take precautions in advance, i.e. the right insurances – even if at first glance this might seem quite costly.

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Patrick, I thank you for your open and honest words and your insights.

Of course. From today’s point of view, I think you cannot tackle this topic early enough. If any of your players has any questions, I will be happy to give tips that would have helped me in my own situation. I wish you success.

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Schaubild Berechnung der monatlichen Finanzlücken bei Sportinvailidität im Profisport

The example shows the financial situation of a soccer professional, who has € 7,000 gross per month, is covered by general health insurance and does not receive any external daily sickness benefit.

The consequences of an accident during a training session or during a match as well as becoming ill can be a hard hit for a professional soccer player. 

The club only continues to pay the salary for the first 42 sick days.

Do you not get 90% of the net salary or 70 % of your gross salary?

If it is not a “BG case”, you get paid up to 70 % of your gross salary, but only up to a statutory maximum rate of the general health insurance, which is currently at a gross salary of € 4,425 (as of 2018). If there is an injury / illness, then up to a maximum of € 2,714 per month / € 90 per day will be paid (as of 2018).


  • And what happens after these 42 days?

    While you get paid 65 % of your gross income in case of an illness, you will get 70 % of your gross salary if you are suffering from an injury caused by an accident from the 43rd day on. In this case the Employers’ Liability Insurance Association (BG) also participates in the payments.

  • Do the health insurance payments go on forever? 

    No. At the latest after 78 weeks a classification of the state of health has to take place. Once you are classified as a sports invalid, the subsidies from the health insurance and/or the BG will stop. At this point your career as a professional athlete is officially over.

  • What can I do?

    At FINGES we take a close look at your current situation to find the best solution to protect you from a financial downfall in case of an injury – before anything happens. And in case of emergency we will ensure that the insurance payments arrive as quickly and comfortably as possible.


ProfessionalSports Insurance

Minimize the financial risk that can be caused by an accident or sports injury! Our sports disability insurance is tailored to the needs of professional athlete and offers convincingly first-class conditions:

  • Securing the activity as a professional athlete by accident and / or illness and accidental death.
  • Protection even without accidental death or only as a daily allowance until the 1095th day of sickness possible.
  • Waiver of referral, that is: no other occupational activity that is pursued after the classification of invalidity is affecting the one-time payment and no other occupations and skills will be taken into account.
  • One-off payment – no monthly pension which may be waived!

Additional advantages:

  • Worldwide insurance coverage
  • No unexpected clauses/conditions
  • Annual survey of the sum insured to exclude over- or under-insurance.
  • Option to insure the 5-fold annual income; Max. EUR 20,000,000.
  • Insurance policy can be issued in German or English.

Special Feature:

Our product suppliers do not need an address or bank account in Germany. You can live and work within the European Union or Switzerland; the insurance cover is valid worldwide.




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Ein Kalenderblatt, in dem verschiedene Daten grün markiert wurden

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