Our services aim at both professional and junior athletes as well as advisors. We want to help both parties to reach their goals with a fresh new approach. With a holistic 360° concept, that covers all aspects of professional sports, that supports players in achieving their physical and mental peak form and to making it to the next league and/or to successfully complete the desired transfer. Last but not least we can offer the know how and the ideal financial products tailored to the needs of professional athletes.

Due to our own careers in professional sports our focus is on soccer and volleyball and we are able to work on equal footing.

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  • Find your position in your
    new team.
    Achieve your goals.
    Become part of the FINGES LIGA.

  • Athletes

Your Transfer

Schwarz-weiß Foto von urbaner Skyline, das in der Nahaufnahme einen Sportler zeigt, der sich nach unten neigt, um seine Schnürsenkel zu binden
  • We accompany your transfer in a professional way. From contacting new clubs to signing your contract.
  • Due to our large network and our close contacts to clubs, officials and coaches we can assure you fast, honest and optimal support in finding a new club.
  • We work hand in hand with your agent(s) in order for you to completely focus on your career.
  • The legal experts in our team will review contract details for you.
  • You have ambitions for an international career and want to play abroad? Our European and worldwide contacts could help you get there.

You are a junior player who wants to promote his career? We can help you with this, too! Get in touch with us. We are looking forward to meeting you in person and learning about your ambitions!

Your Body & Your Mind

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  • You want to increase your performance? Our experts will help you shape up! Starting from where you are at the moment. Where exactly that is, we will find out by means of professional performance diagnostics.
  • Once your individual goals are defined, our personal trainers will provide you with specific training units – of course based on the latest scientific findings.
  • Nutrition plans that are tailored to your constitution type and your needs as a top athlete complete this program.
  • In many situations, especially if a game is getting tight, strong nerves are the key to winning. Our mental coaches will teach you how to improve your mindset.
  • And because we want you to enjoy all-round benefits – on and off the field – you will gain access to all offers of our Body & Mind partners.

Your Life &
Your Security

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  • As a professional athlete, you need special strategies for your career and your asset building right from the start. Profit from our individual and holistic concepts and our long-term strategies.
  • Are you dreaming of owning property? We will help you with planning, realization and financing.
  • What happens if you get injured? Thanks to the right sports and life insurance there is no need to worry. You can rely on both our expertise and our hands-on mentality – especially in the event of a claim.
  • We are one step ahead: While you focus on your current career we’ll help you set up your strategy for “the time after”. The optimal preparation for a safe and secure future.
  • We offer more. Join the “FINGES Lounge” and discover our exclusive offers on lifestyle products and more.
  • Agents

FINGES LigaConcept for Agents

The following scenario may not be unfamiliar to you: as an agent and advisor you manage a player’s career for years, you invest a lot of time and money in him, but then, all of a sudden things start falling apart. The player turns his back on his advisor and/or changes to another agency, because he feels like his current partnership is lacking resources, commitment and/or contacts. This is something that happens to branch novices just as well as to established advisors and agencies.

This is what we want to stop happening from now on. The idea behind FINGES LIGA (league): establishing a network that will help both parties – the soccer players just as well as their agents/advisors – in achieving their common goal: namely to successfully manage and promote the career of an athlete in professional soccer.

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At a glance Your Advantages

As a member of this new kind of collaboration, which is the first agent union in this industry, you will profit in many ways. This starts at increasing your network in no time to strengthening your presence in  the players’ agent industry, it includes professional support in your day-to-day business just as well as finance and insurance plans tailored to the needs of professional athletes and enables you to receive exclusive partnership offers. And most importantly, you will help you remain the player’s primary contact – it will even help you  strengthen your existing relationship with your clients.

We see ourselves as a platform, as an association, a union of many different parties involved. Together we want to achieve more. Our goal: to expand our and your existing network and to take advantage of our the synergies we all can provide in order to faster and more efficiently find an apropriate club for the soccer player. This way you will be able to meet the needs of your players even better. Use our services in order to increase your own know-how ant to avoid uncomfortable bottlenecks.

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How it works

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Achieving more together with the FINGES Liga.

  • If you are an agent/advisor you get in touch with the FINGES Liga and together we discuss which club would be suitable for the soccer player you manage.
  • FINGES Liga will establish the contact with the club and will introduce the advisor as the future contact and negotiating partner.
  • Depending on the extent of our agency services and the successful transfer, the FINGES Liga receives a previously determined, proportionate transfer commission.
  • As members of the FINGES Liga, both consultant and player benefit form our exclusive FINGES partner offers.

FINGES ligaA new League of Soccer Management

If you want to ascend to a new league, you need a strong team that is built on mutual trust and partnership. Our common goal: to promote the careers of talented players in professional soccer, to provide genuine and authentic coaching and management services and / or to strengthen existing agent-player partnerships.

FINGES Liga is a new league of player management: a concept that is aimed at both players and advisors/agents. A concept that is unprecedented in its transparency and holistic strategies.


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  • Portrait Selma Hetmann

    Selma Hetmann

    Verein: VC Wiesbaden
    Position: Mittelblock

  • Portrait Lisa Stock

    Lisa Stock

    Verein: VC Wiesbaden
    Position: Libera

  • Portrait Sara Dukic

    Sara Dukic

    Verein: VFM – Volleyball Franches-Montagnes
    Position: Aussenangriff


FINGES ligaOur Team

  • Portraitfoto Michael Gurski

    Michael Gurski

    As a DFB-registered player agent & finance coach he goes the extra mile for his boys. With 21 years of experience in professional soccer, he knows what is important and is ready to accompany each player individually in his career.

    more about Michael

  • Profilbild Sasa Sasic

    Sasa Sajic

    After his active time as a professional soccer player, he maintained his network of coaches, sports directors and managers and is now expanding the FINGES team in the field of player consulting for Eastern Europe.

    more about Sasa

  • schwarz-weiß Porträt-Foto Christian Bullert

    Christian Bullert

    The man for the fine print and for contracts of all kinds. Christian has long-term expertise in labor and business law. A passionate soccer player and lawyer. A fan of  practicable solutions. Speaks German, English and Français.

    more about Christian